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Helen Collier developed her passion for writing early in her life and has always been a part of what she loves to do. Writing has been in her spirit since her mother placed a pencil in her left hand and told her, “God made you a left-handed writer for a reason. It’s up to you to share with the world what that reason is.”


Her published books include; The Last Judgment, Looking for Trouble (published under the pen name Meow the Louisiana Catfish); Helen's trilogy series; Ms. Anna and The Tears from The Healing Tree, The Two Worlds of Ms. Anna, and Ms. Anna The Promise Keeper; The Unexpected, and most recently the sequel, The Unexpected II 2020 The Year When The Face of America Changed.


Helen resides in Auburn Washington. She writes science fiction, mystery, and fantasy, but Sci-Fi is what she is most passionate about. She’s a member of the African-American Writers’ Alliance (AAWA) and the Renton Writers Critique Group. She believes that a ride on her roller coaster of life is a lot more fun than living it.


"There are no words to express the love and admiration I have for my mother. Susie Adams -Green.  It is because of her I am the writer I am today. There is not one word I could have written without her inspiration and belief in me.  Thank you Ma'dear for loving me into womanhood with all of its heartaches and blessings.  And most of all for teaching me that just because you start out living in a train boxcar doesn't mean you will end up there."

- Helen Collier

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